Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Forecasting Folly

July 29th came and went, and with it came a high temperature of 87 degrees once again ( I thought it would get up to 88, but some afternoon clouds held us at the 87 mark). So what were AccuWeather's forecasts for 7/29?

80 - 84 - 92 - 93 - 93 - 93 - 92 - 94

Once again, their forecasts ran the gamut from 7 degrees too low to 7 degrees too high--but never once did they forecast 87. Even more interesting, they get no better at weather forecasting as the date gets closer. They're just as far off a day or two before as they were a week earlier... just in the other direction.

Must be nice to have a job in which the only accuracy you display is in your trademarked company name...

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