Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jobs for All...

Steve Jobs, that is.

I see in a recent news report that Apple actually has more cash on hand than the US government. That got me thinking about the benefits of having Apple take over the government; maybe having Steve Jobs running the US wouldn't be so bad after all.

(1) The US government would be offered in an improved version for a lower price every twelve to sixteen months.

(2) We'd each be able to buy the level of government we wanted.

(3) For the first twelve months, if the government failed to work, there would be geniuses on hand to fix it or to advise us on what to do to make it function properly.

(4) The general trend would be for the government to get smaller and lighter as time went on.

(5) We could invest money in the government and we'd actually make a profit on it.

(6) When the government held press conferences, people would be so eager to hear what they had to say that they'd have people fighting for the right to live-blog the event.

(7) Best of all, the government would just work.

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