Saturday, July 30, 2011


Another day, a lot more missed forecasts.

Today's high was 87 (in fairness, it might have gone higher had a cloud front and scattered rain not moved in at about 2:30, dropping temperatures into the low 80s and the high 70s for the last part of the afternoon). Here's what AccuWeather forecast for today:

80 - 83 - 95 - 91 - 94 - 94 - 94 - 95 - 96

And once again, the actual high was very, very near the midpoint of the lowest high forecast and the highest high forecast--and once again, AccuWeather never once forecast this as the high. The shotgunned all around it, but thus far not a single one of their forecasts has been accurate. Not one.

Pretty pathetic, isn't it? And these guys have the audacity to include "Accu" as part of their name...

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Anonymous said...

Accuweather should now be inaccuweather!!