Monday, February 17, 2003

Didn't say anything about who I am, did I?

the "cliffbig" in my blog ID is short for cliff biggers... that's me. When I first signed up for AOL many, many years ago, screen names were limited to eight characters, so I took the first eight letters of my name. Since then, I've been cliffbig at oodles of other places, so I've consistently used that screen name as a monicker for iPurposes.

I'm currently editor and co-publisher of Comic Shop News, the largest-circulation pubication about comics in the hobby field. I'm also owner of Dr. No's, a comic shop in Marietta, GA, which has been home town for me for over a quarter century now (really? wow!).

I'm a former high school teacher, a wretchedly bad guitar player, a music fan (particular passions--the Beatles, CSNY, Donovan), a collector/packrat with an interest in books, comics, & music, an aficionado of Apple Computers (and a real MacAddict). Politically, I tend towards libertarian views, but I'm not a part of the libertarian party per se.

Okay, that's a start
Hi... it's been a long time!

Thirty-five years ago, I published my first not much'a nothin'. I was just shy of fifteen at the time, and my interest in fanzines had led me to respond to an announcement from Stven Carlberg (who was known as Steven at that time; the new spelling didn't come in for another year or so) of a new amateur press alliance. His apa, Myriad, sounded interesting to someone like me who enjoyed writing, drew passably well, and had access to printing--so I signed up, and began pondering a name for my first apazine.

"What are you gonna talk about in the first issue?" a friend, Gary Steele (who also became involved in the whole apa thing) asked.

"I dunno... not much'a nothin', I guess," I responded... and thus a name was born.