Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Now, a Weather Report

Almost 11pm, and it's still 81 degrees. Welcome to Georgia summer.

And I've renewed my habit of following Accuweather's "back 7" weather prediction just to see how phenomenally wrong it usually is. You see, Accuweather is the only site I know of that offers a 15 day forecast; however, I'm convinced that they pull the predictions for the last 7 of those days out of a box, because they hardly ever have any relationship to reality. For instance, they're now telling me that we're in for highs in the upper 70s to 80 degrees in that period. As we move along, I suspect that those 70s and low 80s will continue to remain 7 to 10 days out, but will never actually get here.

Just for posterity, here's what they're saying for the highs a week or so out:
7/27 - 82°
7/28 - 80°
7/29 - 80°
7/30 - 80°
7/31 - 81°
8/1 - 80°
8/2 - 76°

(For the next two weeks I'll continue to list those forecast highs a week out, along with the real highs for those days, so we can see how their long-range predictions reflect reality. If weather forecasts bore you, you'll probably want to skip these posts. If weather forecasts and prediction accuracy intrigues you--well, you're probably related to me.)

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