Saturday, November 15, 2008

Putting the Bad News Behind Us

Unfortunately, America now has the most unqualified president in the nation's history.

Our nation was in much better shape until January 2007, when Democrats took control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Now that they've taken the White House as well, I fully anticipate that the Democrats will escalate the journey down the path they've led us on for the past two years.

I only hope I'm wrong.

I've said in the past that I've lived through the three worst presidents in history. The statement will be just as true in 2012--but the next four years will determine whether the names have changed.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Howard Stern, Social Experimenter

I rarely watch or listen to Howard Stern, but this bit is too insightful to pass up. If you think people are voting for Obama because they like his policies, then you really need to listen to this:

Obama-nations Redux

So Obama's idea of helping our country is to bankrupt the coal industry, huh?

Meanwhile, the "never met a truth I couldn't evade" Obama and his political team are now downgrading the definition fo rich to $120,000 (that's the current level where higher taxes will kick in... but don't worry, it'll keep going lower). This should be no surprise, of course; Bill Clinton said that he would implement a millionaires' tax, and when he got through it kicked in at $240,000.

Meanwhile, numerous reports agree that speakers accused Israel of genocide at the Khalidi dinner that Obama attended, while Obama said that Israel has no god-given right to Palestine--which would offer good reason for the LA Times to avoid releasing the tape that they're attempting to bury.

And now Obama is talking about plans for an enormous expenditure (one equal to our current military budget) for a vaguely-defined "civilian national security force," but he isn't saying where the money for this huge expenditure will come from (does he plan to half the defense budget, or to continue to lower that definition of rich so that he can raise the taxes on more productive Americans while giving unearned money to the non-productive in the form of tax reductions that greatly exceed the total amount of taxes paid?).

Might he win the election? Unfortunately, yes--and if he does, this nation will be setting itself up for the worst administration I've seen since I voted in my first election way back in 1972. (And that's saying a lot--I lived through Jimmy Carter's presidency!)