Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now We're Just Talking Price

So what do you call a woman who'll sacrifice her values, sell her integrity, and do anything for money?

A democratic senator from Louisiana.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Sick Joke

The democrat aristocracy in the House has now voted to force a government takeover of healthcare (but of course, in the true tradition of any aristocracy, they lawmakers and the President are exempt from this, having created for themselves a superlative health care system that gives them all the privileges and perks they'll deny the plebeian masses). This bill, if not stopped by the Senate, will destroy the American economy in its attempt to force Americans en masse to pay for health care for those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

It's a sad day for America--and I can only hope this is the catalyst to convince a lot of Americans to take America back from democrat control next November...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Confounder in Chief

Less than 24 hours after the President reminded us of the problem of putting an inexperienced, shallow, political hack in charge or the greatest nation in the world (this is the guy who can't even manage an appropriately solemn speech after 13 American soldiers are shot, choosing instead to offer an adolescent "shout out" to someone in the room who had received an award that the President can't even properly identify), he urges Americans not to "jump to conclusions" about the situation yesterday at Fort Hood.

Great advice from the man who created a furor by jumping to conclusions about a policeman doing his job when a potential break-in was reported. But of course, the Prez has balanced that by failing to reach any conclusions whatsoever regarding the request for more troops in Afghanistan, even though weeks have passed since the man he put in charge of that mission said that he needed those extra troops to do the job...

It'll be nice when we can get a real President in the office instead of this cardboard cutout...