Saturday, February 25, 2006

TV's Top Ten

My prior post about Don Knotts got me thinking and making mental lists; this time, the topic at hand was my ten favorite television characters. Here we go, in no particular order and subject to change if I think of someone else in a day or two:

(1) Barney Fife (like I said, Knott's death got me started on this...)
(2) Ilya Kuryakin (always liked him better than Napoleon Solo)
(3) Captain James T. Kirk (I was much more a Kirk guy than a Spock guy)
(4) Rob Petrie (I wanted to grow up to be Rob Petrie...)
(5) Lt. Columbo (most irritating detective ever)
(6) Hawkeye Pierce (the hero of punsters everywhere)
(7) John Steed (I lusted after Emma Peel, but I wanted to be John Steed)
(8) Georgia Lass (it was her curmudgeonly charm that made Dead Like Me such a remarkable viewing experience)
(9) Lex Luthor (his complex personality is crucial to Smallville's success)
(10) Carl Hutchins (if you thought comic books had a lock on all the great villains, you never saw this guy in action on Another World)

Like I said, this could change as I remember great characters I've forgotten (I know that Hoss from Bonanza almost made the cut right off the bat, along with Briscoe County Jr.). But I'll stick with this list for the time being...


Audio Pooka said...'s my TOP TEN.

(1) Xena -- Lucy Lawless (what a great fantasy for a female manager!)
(2) Illya Kuryakin -- I agree on liking him more than Robert Vaughan
(3) Dr. McCoy -- My kinda' Doc
(4) Adrian Paul -- Highlander's man candy, and an athletic swordsman
(5) Jerry Orbach -- My alltime favorite from Law & Order and sorely missed (I had to struggle with picking Chris Noth, but Jerry Orbach won out)
(6) Harry Anderson -- Judge Stone From Night Court, such a sweetie
(7) Julia Child -- as herself...I can't cook anything edible or inedible without channelling her somehow
(8) Artemus Gordon (forgot the actor's name) from Wild, Wild West -- much neater person than Robert Conrad
(9) Leonard Bernstein -- his Young People's Concerts helped me to fall in love with classical music
(10) Cas Walker -- a local character, and one who made quite an impact on impressionable young East Tennesseans

cliff said...

Artemus Gordon was played by Ross Martin--and you're right, he certainly belongs on my honorable mention list at least! (Why do the sidekicks sometimes garner more admiration than the stars?)

And when it comes to local television, Don Kennedy's Officer Don is at the top of my list; his Popeye Club on WSB in Atlanta was an unforgettable part of my childhood.