Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Picture Imperfect

Like almost every Mac user who also owns a digital camera, I've accumulated an enormous number of digital photos over the years. The volume of photos isn't a problem; the fact that they're spread over multiple computer is, however. I could just drag the photo files to a pocket firewire drive and copy 'em all to one computer, but then I'd love the various libraries and folders I've created over the years.

In looking for a solution, I've run across iPhoto Library Manager. It looks like it will allow me to merge all these iPhoto libraries from various computers onto my iMac G5 (it has the largest hard drive, so it's the lucky winner of the store-all-the-photos contest!). If anyone has any words of advice on this, let me know; I'm going to play around with it a little bit before I do anything (and of course, I'm going to back up all those various photo libraries, just to play it safe).

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