Friday, February 24, 2006

Singapore Silliness

One of our regular customers came into the store Wednesday evening after six weeks in Singapore for various and sundry work-related reasons. He said that the first thing he did after he settled was to find a comic shop. He paid a visit there to see what they had and he noticed, along with the familiar comics, a stack of Comic Shop News near the counter.

"I usually shop at the store owned by the people who publish that," he told the shop owner.

"No, they don't publish it, they just buy it like I do and put it out," the shop owner explained.

"No, they're really the people who publish it!" He opened it up and showed them my name on the colophon and said, "I know him!"

The shop owner smiled that patronizing smile of an adult talking to a deluded simpleton and nodded.

And for the next six weeks, this conversation was repeated in one form or another, he said.

Before he left, he got an e-mail address for the shop. We're going to take a picture and e-mail it to him, along with a note telling him what will be in Comic Shop News two weeks from now (we work two weeks ahead, due to print lead time).

"I may not be there to see his face, but at least I know that he'll finally believe me," the customer explained...

Ahh... he who laughs last is probably the Joker...

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