Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mo' Snow

Remember what I said a few days ago about Monday's brief flurry most likely being our only snow of the winter? Well, apparently I hadn't consulted with Mother Nature; thre are more flurries in the forecast for this weekend, with a couple of inches of snow predicted for Northeast Georgia (about an hour and a half from here). Right now it's drizzly and 41° at a little after one in the morning; I'd be surprised if our temperature drops enough to give the snow a chance to accumulate, but it sounds as if I might see a second all-too-brief snowfall in 2006.

When January passed without a single temperature lower than 25°, I was convinced that this would be the year without a winter. While it's still a fairly mild winter (remind me to tell you about the three worst winters I remember--1960, 1973, and 1982-3), it's a winter, at least.

I see that the New York area is bracing for a virtual blizzard; makes me realize how lucky we are weather-wise...

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