Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ten Shows I Want on DVD

Everyone who buys television programs on DVD probably has a list of shows that aren't currently available that they'd like to add to their library. Well, so do I--and here they are, in no particular order:

(1) Batman (The Adam West/Burt Ward series)
(2) Honey West (Anne Francis does the detective thing)
(3) T.H.E. Cat (Robert Loggia plays cat-burglar-turned-detective Thomas Hewett Edward Cat)
(4) Captain Nice (hey, I really like Wally Cox)
(5) I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (I have great memories of this from my childhood, although I can't recall the actual plot of a single episode)
(6) Space Angel (if we can get a heaping helping of Clutch Cargo, why can't we get this Alex Toth-designed series with fakey human mouths taking the place of animation?)
(7) Hercules ("hero of song and story.... winner of ancient glory...")
(8) Man From U.N.C.L.E. (the absence of this show from American DVD libraries, when collections have been offered in other countries, is an entertainment crime)
(9) Shazam! (This live-action Captain Marvel series had a distinctive charm)
(10) Less Than Perfect (this comedy shouldn't have worked, but it did, largely due to the comedic skills of Andrea Parker, whose sensuous beauty first attracted my attention when she played Ms. Parker on The Pretender--who's have thought she could do The Funny as well? Match her up with Patrick Warburton and you have the world's most charmingly dysfunctional couple)

Honorable Mention: Birds of Prey (a much better series than it had any right to be, since it never managed to play up its Batman links)

I would have added Star Trek: The Animated Series to the list, but I hear that it's slated for release later this year. Hoorah!


Anonymous said...

I would add to your list: The Green Hornet.

cliff said...

One of Encore's satellite channels is rerunning The Green Hornet and I've tivoed a few of them; some are quite good, but overall the series has a little less impact than I had thought it would. A two-parter involving a mad scientist and an atomic bomb was particularly disappointing.

Even so, I'm sure I'd pick the series up if it came out on DVD...