Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saturday Night Lively

Steve Martin guest-hosted Saturday Night Live tonight—and while it's not over yet, it's already proven funnier than any episode of SNL in years. Sure, Steve Martin does the same sort of comedy shtick he's done for decades... but it's still funny! Silly accents, goofy movements, a dash of slapstick--he can still pull it all off. Alec Baldwin made a cameo appearance in the opening skit, a clever piece about the competition to set a record for the most episodes of SNL guest-hosted by one person. Prince was the musical guest, and he was rock-solid as a performer... but he let me down by not making an appearance on the "Prince Show" skit.

Aside: One of the local commercials that ran at about 11:50 or so was a disquieting Dairy Queen commercial for their fried popcorn shrimp. It's an animated bit that features a mom-and-pop shrimp couple snacking on this great popcorn that dad has picked up... and while we know right away what this "popcorn" is, the shrimp family doesn't come to their cannibalistic moment of realization until the end of the commercial. Never thought I'd see EC-style plotting being used to sell shrimp...

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