Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wandering Star Goes Subterranean

A while back, I grumbled about the folks at Wandering Star who released two volumes of an ultra-expensive (multi-hundred dollar) slipcased set of Conan hardcovers, then took the check from Random House and sold them the rights to all three volumes without ever releasing the third matching slipcased set.

Well, I still don't think very much of Wandering Star and their inability to follow through on their commitments to their collectors, but I'm pleased to report that another publishing company, Subterranean Press, has worked out an arrangement to continue the Robert E. Howard series of deluxe hardcovers. Alas, their first release isn't the missing Conan Volume Three; instead, it's a King Kull volume. But I'm hoping that the Conan volume makes the schedule soon; it'd be nice to see someone find a cure for Wandering Star's Conanitis Interruptus.

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