Monday, June 16, 2008

Walkabout (Three Miles Twice a Day)

Ten things I particularly enjoy about walking during the summer (in no particular order):

(1) Walking on the concrete curb for prolonged periods without falling off (It's irresistible... I have to do it for at least one segment of my walk every day)

(2) The familiar fragrance of new-mown grass, sweet and alluring

(3) Rescuing wayward earthworms from the sidewalk (I always wonder what they tell their little earthworm friends: "I was just crawling along, and then something came out of the sky and lifted me up, and the next thing I know I was back home in the dirt!")

(4) Petting all the friendly dogs I have gotten to know over the past nine summers (Sable, Chester, Chelsea, Sandy, and Rudy in particular--they seem genuinely happy to see me each and every time, and never get tired of a scratch behind the ears)

(5) Plotting my path through the sea of sunshine to those enticing islands of shade

(6) Witnessing the intensity, vitality, and joy of young children at play, discovering the myriad joys that each of us discovered in childhood summers past

(7) Catching the brief glimpse of blue-tailed lizards scurrying for cool, secluded shelter from the summer heat

(8) Marvelling at the huge, billowing clouds that stand in white contrast to the brilliantly blue sky the day after a summer rainstorm

(9) Finding volunteer plants growing from every crevice and nook, and realizing just for a moment the unceasing, pervasive tenacity of life

(10) Without even thinking about it, finding oneself avoiding stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, just because

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