Sunday, June 22, 2008

All in the Family

Have I mentioned that my nephew Cole and his wife Christy are expecting their second child? Current plans call for Oliver to get Kim's old room and the new baby to get my old room--but if the new addition to the family is a girl, then I'm going to lobby for a change of room arrangements, just to carry forward the boy's room-girl's room tradition.

I haven't been up to Rome since Kim's birthday, and haven't seen the old Marchmont house since November; I'm eager to see what Cole and Christy have done with it, but I'm also apprehensive about imposing on them. Maybe I'll get up there sometime in the next month or so and take a look, if it works with their schedule; I'm feeling a yearning to revisit Rome, which is why I'm tentatively planning to go to the West Rome High School reunion on July 12th. That might be a good day to stop by, if it works with their schedule.

I guess I'll always have mixed emotions about the old home place; I'm very happy that it's a wonderful home for Cole, Christy, and Oliver (and the upcoming fourth member of the family), but it seems odd to think that it'll never be Mom and Dad's home--the place where I grew up and could always drop in unannounced--again.

Things change...

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