Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Proof Positive

There is no better proof than this that Obama lacks what it takes to be President: the man is a confessed tobacco addict who has returned to his addiction on multiple occasions in recent months, according to this AP story. Yep, he's a relapsed drug addict.

As if his frequently demonstrated lack of ethics and judgment weren't indication enough that he'd be a bad President, this is the clincher. If a man lacks the wisdom and self-control to make the right decisions regarding his own personal health and welfare, then why in the world would I ever want to trust him with the health and welfare of millions of Americans?


Art said...

Despite unwise decisions about his own health, he shows an interest in saving the health of thousands, maybe millions, of others by pulling us out of this Iraq mess. And he is making an effort to quit. It usually isn't done all at once.

I'm usually against hiring smokers, too, but in this election we only have two choices, and unfortunately Hillary is no longer one of them.

cliff said...

No, quitting is always done at once. Otherwise, it's failure.

Sort of like Obama's foreign policy. And his senatorial career so far.