Sunday, April 20, 2008


Spent the last couple of days sorting through some books that I no longer wanted. I'm at the point now where I value shelf space more than I value some of the books that once filled that space, so I decided it was time to offer the books the opportunity to find a more appreciative home.

At one point, I felt a virtual obligation to maintain an enormous library of almost every hardcover or trade paperback released by the major publishers; since nowadays that would mean that I would have shelves filled with almost every series published, I have long since disabused myself of that notion. Even so, I had an accumulation of books that had taken up shelf space before I abandoned my role as keeper of the comics archives; not only had I not read most of them since then, I had no real intention of reading them ever again. Why have a book that might not get read even once? (I had read many of these stories in periodical form, and thus had no reason to ever open the books.)

I suspect I'll be doing this on multiple occasions through the year; I still have way too much detritus that fills up the house, and it's time to let more of it go.

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