Monday, April 14, 2008

Beating Around the Bush

Got a call from Chemlawn today, curious as to why I had cancelled my service. The representative who called was polite and appropriately concerned as I discussed the problems I had first outlined in a post last week. She reminded me that Chemlawn has a service guarantee--but as I pointed out to her, all of the problems that Mr. Jordan failed to address last week were continuing problems that I had been reporting to Chemlawn since last year. A service guarantee at the office level is fine--but if the technicians doing the service refuse to honor or act on it, it's meaningless.

I also reminded the phone associate that I had called about concerns with both the shrub and the lawn service--and while Mr. Jordan had offered an unsatisfactory response to the shrub concerns, no one on the lawn side had contacted me in any manner whatsoever at any time since my call last week. Again, a guarantee is meaningless if the service response is the corporate equivalent of putting fingers in one's ears and singing "la la la la la."

I am looking at other options to save the shrubs, if it's possible... but I'm not sure if that's possible at this point, at least for the Alberta spruce.

And right now, I have to issue to heartiest of caveat emptors regarding Chemlawn. If the people who administer the treatments showed the same level of concern as the people who called, things might be different...

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