Friday, April 11, 2008

Following Orders

We now have a three-foot cat scratching post in the doorway between the library and Susan's work room.

I didn't really intend for it to be there; I moved it in order to vacuum where it normally stood, in front of the windows overlooking the back yard and the wetlands. I figured I'd move it back as soon as I finished.

But Misha had other plans. She decided she really liked the cat scratching post in its new location, since she could recline in the U-shaped "cat cradle" at the top and have a vantage point down the hall on one side, overlooking the back stairs in front of her, and into the library where Susan and I watch television on the opposite side. So she's homesteaded the new location, protesting loudly if I try to move it.

Looks like we have a new furniture arrangement for the next few days, at least...

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