Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

Not only was last night a strange everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dream, but it was also the first lengthy dream I've had involving both Mom and Dad since Dad died almost eight months ago.

Somehow, in digging through some papers, Kimberly and I discovered a copy of her birth certificate--but this one indicated that she was born on March 3rd, not March 2nd. Curious about the discrepancy, we decided the only solution was to drive into the past and ask them!

So Kim and I got in my Acura and headed down Highway 411 towards Rome. When we got to the six-mile point, where there's a long straight stretch, we could see that there was no traffic either way--so we crossed over and drove on the wrong side of the road, which somehow meant that we were going back in time. I floored it, and suddenly we were back in the 1960s. We drove on into town, then to Marchmont Drive, where Mom and Dad were home.

Mom didn't recognize us at first (as to why she should--heck, I don't know... it's only my dream!), but once we explained who we were and why we had come back into the past, she totally understood. "You should talk to your father," she told us, and pointed to their bedroom, where we could hear Dad typing on the old black Royal.

We walked to the back room, and Dad looked up--after a few seconds, he seemed to realize who we were. "What a great surprise!" he said. He asked how we got there, at which point we explained (hey, it made sense in the dream). We asked about the birth certificate, and he told us that the date was wrong because they had taken Mom to a hospital in Australia for the delivery, and it was the next day there. However, since they lived in Georgia, they had redone her birth certificate here to show the March 2nd date.

Then Dad followed us outside to look at the Acura; he talked about what a great car it was--and since this was the 1960s, we showed him all sorts of technology that didn't exist in the 1960s. Of course, most of it didn't work in the 1960s, since there were no satellites, cellphone towers, etc. to support it.

At that point, Mom had walked out and I just realized that this was a great time to convince her to give up smoking so that she wouldn't get emphysema. Kim agreed that this was a great idea... but just as I was about to broach the subject, I woke up, and the moment was lost.

Dreams are strange things... but logical or not, I enjoyed the visit with Mom and Dad...

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