Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sugar Tonight

Bruce Sugar, who did the surround sound production of the Ringo Starr DVD-Audio I reviewed a few days ago, posted a very kind response to my review of the disc, and he also answered a question or two as to how the disc came about and whether more 5.1 mixes might be on the way.

"Thanks for the great reviews of the surround album," Sugar wrote. "The idea to remix these songs was mine, of course with the blessing of Ringo and then I sold the idea to Koch. Unfortunately, most record labels are very short sighted and don't support multichannel mixes. It would be cheaper to do during the initial mixing of the project and would offer the consumer more bang for the buck and less incentive to download for free--hopefully they will catch on soon! It's such a better way to present a musical experience to the listener... Anyway, I hope this DVD-A does well enough to show the labels that its a viable format....


Thank you, Bruce, for doing such a first-class job with this material!

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