Monday, March 03, 2008

Please Make This Show

I'd watch it.

(For those out of the loop: the worst written Batman comic currently on the stands (and perhaps the worst written of all time), All Star Batman and Robin, is defined primarily by Frank Miller's scorn-filled take on the Batman, who refers to himself as "the goddamn Batman" over and over again.

(We tried to point out to DC that this adjective is particularly bothersome in this region, but to show the level of credence our concerns were given, Miller made a point of greatly increasing his use of the phrase in response. However, his stand for literary freedom apparently doesn't extend to the scatological, since he did use the word "sh*t" in one issue rather than actually spelling out the four-letter word itself.)

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Lanny said...

Yes. While I think Jim Lee draws an awesome Batman, Miller left me cold with his depiction of the Caped Crusader as a foulmouthed lunatic.

I'm not so innocent as to be shocked when someone uses the GD epithet, but this is Batman for crying out loud. Isn't this the same character that Miller had caution someone about their bad language in Dark Night Returns?

On top of all that, Bruce is practically abusive to Dick Grayson.

The Batman I know is a GOOD guy, not the nutcase Miller has concocted.

Is the whole point of modern comics to tear down our icons?

No thanks Frank.