Monday, March 31, 2008

Happ'ly Ever Aftering...

Remember that list of things I'd like to see on DVD?

Well, strike one title from the list.

It turns out that Camelot, the Richard Harris version that I had remembered so fondly from the early 1980s, is actually available on DVD--and I've already placed my order. You can order a copy for yourself right here if you'd like to...

This production features an older, more wistful version of Arthur, and I thought it worked quite well. I had always thought it was broadcast on Showtime, so I had searched for it as a Showtime production; once Brett told me it was HBO, I changed my search terms to HBO Camelot 1982 and there it was!

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Janice said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip.

The one thing I really wish was out on DVD is a made-for-TV TBS movie with Christine Lahti and Ruben Blades called "Crazy From the Heart." As far as I know, it's only on VHS and I have no idea why!