Friday, March 28, 2008

First Class Treatment

Took the MDX in to Jackson Acura in Roswell for its first service. The A1 service indicator came on two days ago, which I was told indicated the need for an oil change (the A) and a tire rotation (the 1). Jackson Acura said they could do both in less than an hour for $20 less than the price quoted by other dealerships, and one of our customers works there, so I had another reason to swing my business over there (I much prefer giving business to folks who give business to me).

Talk about first class service! As soon as I got there, Richard (the customer I mentioned earlier) saw me, came over to say hello, and worked with the service writer to get everything underway. I was invited to use either of two very comfortable lounges offered to customers (both of which include full wireless access, which was great), or to visit the bistro, which actually had a concierge dedicated to preparing drinks and snacks for customers (and at no charge, mind you!). I was informed of everything that was being done to my car, was given updated reports as to how the work was progressing, and was pleased to see all the work taking place in a work area surrounded on either side by large picture windows where owners could watch the work being done.

And what an immaculate service area it was--this was more like Michael Mann's idea of what an automobile service area should be, clean and orderly and spotless and high-tech.

I'm sold. Jackson Acura's service department is everything that a service department should be.. too bad that most of the others aren't!

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