Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jet's Crashes

A new pizza place, Jet's Pizza, opened in our neighborhood a few weeks ago, so we gave it a try (gotta try every new local pizza place, after all). We ordered two pizzas, both Jet's Ten (a pizza topped with ten of their most popular ingredients). The crust was good, the ingredients were okay... but the pizza itself seemed lacking. Virtually no cheese, hardly any sauce.

I figured we must have just gotten a mis-made pizza (sometimes happens with a new restaurant, since the staff has to be trained), so we called again this weekend and I spoke to the manager, Casey, who had helped me before. I mentioned the problem, and he told me it wasn't an error--Jet's intentionally cuts the amount of cheese (and I believe, the amount of sauce as well) on their Jet's Ten pizzas. "With all those ingredients, it would take too long to cook if we put the full amount of cheese on there, so we reduce the cheese." I asked him to verify that I understood him correctly: when you pay extra for a pizza with the works on it, you get less cheese and sauce.

"Yes," he said.

And as a result, we ate at Mellow Mushroom yesterday, where they still understand that a fully-loaded pizza has more stuff on it, not less.

While Jet's crust (particularly on their deep-dish) is quite good, I can't recommend the place, unless crust is the only thing you like... There are too many good pizza places around here to continue to go to a place that intentionally shorts its most expensive pizzas.

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