Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cool News

The issue with the wall between the dining room and the garage seems to be moving towards resolution. Bob Helgesen from John Wieland came out, cut away part of the drywall, and showed me where the sheet metal venting in the wall (which is there intentionally, he explained, to keep pipes warm during the winter) was very close to the wallboard and thus causing condensation on the outside of the wallboard. Today Coolray (our HVAC company of choice) came out and put some thin insulation between the sheet metal venting and the wallboard. Bob said that they'd send someone out to repair the drywall once we knew the condensation issue was resolved.

Can't say enough about John Wieland and their customer service. We've been in this house for more than fifteen years, so the warranty was long since passed. Even so, Bob came out as soon as I called about the problem and set out to find a solution. That's one of the reasons that we now own our second John Wieland house; I have great respect for the company, like their homes and their construction standards, and appreciate the fact that they stand behind their product.

And I also have to offer kudos to Coolray; they were responsive as well, and worked to find an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for a very minimal charge. That's the reason they handle the HVAC work for both my house and my business...

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