Monday, August 08, 2011

Good Monday

Two of this weekend's problems moved towards resolution today. First, a representative of the company that built our house back in 1996 spoke to me about the vent problem I mentioned yesterday; he thinks the problem will be an easy fix, and he offered to come by tomorrow, investigate, and if it's what he thinks it is, he said he can have the company fix it for us. This was a most pleasant surprise, and it certainly relieved me to know that the problem might be remedied in a minimally intrusive manner.

Secondly, Casey from Jet's Pizza saw my review, contacted me, and said, "If you got a Mellow Mushroom Pizza that had more cheese on it than our Jet's Ten Pizza, then you definitely got a Jet's Ten Pizza that was mismade. One of our team members worked for Mellow Mushroom before he came to Jet's, and he was amazed at how much more cheese we put on our pizzas." Casey said they'd like a chance to make it right, so we're going to give them a try this weekend.

It's always gratifying when things work out so well!

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