Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fickle Fans

On one of the forums that I frequent, there's been some discussion of a very negative advance review of the upcoming Conan film. Most of the responses have been along the lines of "I knew this one was going to be bad," or "I never had any expectations that this film would be good," or "this is just what I expected," or "based on the trailer, I didn't expect anything more."

Problem is, a lot of these same fans were saying something quite different a month ago. "What a great Conan trailer!" "Can't wait to see this!" "Looks like they've finally done Conan right!"

I don't know if a lot of fans are so gullible that their opinions are swayed by what they're reading at the time, or if they're succumbing to the internet tendency towards schadenfreude--an eagerness to see the misery or failure of others. Either way, it makes me aware of what a fickle bunch it is that so many filmmakers and television series producers spend so much time courting...

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