Sunday, September 02, 2007

Which Direction?

Some days I feel like I'm taking two steps forward and one step backwards in coming to terms with Dad's death... and other days, I feel like it's one step forward and three steps backward. I wish I had the slightest idea why some days hit me so hard. A friend warned me that sometimes the most unexpected things could evoke unexpected feelings of loss and loneliness; his warning has proven very appropriate.

A recent trip to Olive Garden was quite pleasant... until I remembered that during the past few months, when the Olive Garden in Rome was under construction, Dad had said repeatedly that he wanted us to have lunch there once it opened. Sadly, Dad's stroke came two weeks before Olive Garden opened, so Dad never got to have the lunch that he had so frequently anticipated.

I guess I can expect a lot more of these experiences in months to come... doesn't make it any less disturbing when they happen, though.

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