Friday, September 21, 2007

Thinking of George

An old friend of mine, George Inzer, lost his father to a stroke earlier this week. George's loss was made even harsher by the fact that his mother died only ten weeks before. I called George and talked to him for about a half and hour yesterday morning, catching up and sharing condolences; he seems to be dealing well with what many would see as an overwhelming situation. George has been taking care of his parents for several years now, and has thus stayed very close to them, which will offer him some solace during this time of grief, I'm sure.

I've urged George to write down his memories, his experiences, and his family stories; it's a cathartic experience for him and it'll give him a chance to preserve things that might otherwise get blurred with the passage of time.

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Janice said...

The email address I have for George is so old that I'm sure it's no longer valid. Please do pass on my condolences to him. I lost my parents within 18 months of each other and I thought *that* was hard! Glad you are there for him.