Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Dignified Girl

Cats can convey their personality very effectively in the most routine things... even the way they nap. Here's a photo of our graceful and dignified Anna, dozing in her usual position on back of the living room recliner. That red object on which she's resting? That's her afternoon catnip mouse, covered in corduroy, that picks up and carries with her to her napping spot; if it falls off, she climbs down to get it, then resumes her sleeping post. Unlike Mischa, who sprawls out to ensure that everyone notices her and feels obligated to scratch her belly, Anna takes up her post out of the path of daily activities--but in a place where she can still watch us as we pass through the kitchen. Every now and then, we'll hear a faint kittenish sound to remind us that she would be glad to get a head-scratch or two--quite unlike Mischa, who will reach out and grab you if you dare to pass her by without the appropriate attention and deference.

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