Friday, March 24, 2006

Where Is the Outrage?

Let's see if I have this right... in supposedly forward-thinking Afghanistan, a relatively enlightened Muslim country, Abdul Rahman may be executed for the crime of converting to Christianity?

I'm disappointed that the press hasn't covered the riots of Muslims outraged at the violence being perpetrated in the name of the Muslim faith. Where is the footage of crowds in the streets, protesting this scurrilous attack on religious freedom? Where is the coverage of the Committee for American-Islamic Relations condemning in the strongest terms any religious fanatics who would pervert Islam in such an intolerant manner? Where are the articles about the fatwahs against those who would demean Islam by leading the world to view it as an intolerant, destructive faith?

Or is it possible that none of the above has been reported because the majority of the Muslim world sees this as acceptable behavior? After all, shouldn't religious freedom and tolerance allow the execution of those who wish to practice religious freedom?

I'm eager to see Muslims around the globe stepping up to the plate in defense of Abdul Rahman and in defense of religious choice. It doesn't seem to be happening, though, does it?

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Lanny said...

Your comments are spot on! Well said.