Thursday, March 16, 2006

There Is a Season

Yep, there is a time for every purpose... Almost eight months ago, Brett left Dr. No's to try his hand in the graphics field. Two things that I had thought might happen did indeed occur. First, he was good at his newly chosen field--I figured that would be the case, since he had been doing graphics stuff for many years and had an aptitude for it. And second, after a while he missed some of the people and things that make comics retailing fun.

Thankfully, we got to talking about those two things, and talking led to negotiations and the like, and now Brett is returning to Dr. No's in an ownership capacity. He'll be gradually increasing his ownership stake in the store, which seems like a good thing for Brett and for Dr. No's.

I'm glad to have him working with me again. I like the chemistry of the team that we've put together at the store, and I think that Brett's going to enjoy working with Jared, Whitney, Tom, Brian, and Amy, all of whom came on board after his departure.

Brett's first day back is April 3rd, but we're already talking about store stuff, making plans for what we're going to do, and looking at new ways to increase Dr. No's business. And I'm already enjoying it.

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