Monday, March 06, 2006


2... 2... 2 hours of 24! What a night!

Last week, I was afraid that 24 was losing its edge. There was major shock to the ending of the show, the story seemed to slow down a little bit, and I was afraid we were back to "treading water," the bane of the second and third seasons of this series.

Wrong I was. Very wrong.

Tonight was filled with so much suspense that I found myself talking to the television set a time or three. Yes, the very thing I condemn people for doing in the theater, I was doing (of course, it was in the comfort of my own family room, with only Susan, three cats, and a 62" Samsung to hear my outcries).

If you're not watching this series, it's not too late. Oh, you've missed some incredibly good televsion, but you can catch up. There's so much happening here, so many twists and turns, that you'll get hooked in an episode or two.

Or, if you're one of those purists who insists on watching the entire series in order, add 24 Season Five to your Christmas list now. It'll be out in early December, and you won't find a much better way to spend your teevee-viewing time.

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