Friday, March 10, 2006

A Week for All Seasons

This has been one of those transitional weeks that marks the beginning of meteorological spring here in Georgia. Just Monday morning, it was 28° when I got up to go out for a pre-breakfast walk. Today, it'll be about 81° (it's already in the mid-70's, and it's just a little after noon). Last night, we had thunderstorms and heavy winds more common in summer than in late winter. And the winds knocked so many just-forming leaves and Bradford-pear-petals from the trees that it looked like the beginning of autumn this morning.

Now that we've perfected the art of condensing four seasons into one week, perhaps we can work on condensing entire decades into a single month, so that we could move on to the next fad even more quickly. Then we could have a retro resurgence in May or June for whatever was big in March, and we wouldn't have to re-buy all that stuff, because none of us would have gotten around to getting rid of any of it yet...

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