Thursday, March 30, 2006

Failing to Make the Grade

Watched the first episode of Teachers this evening. It's an NBC sitcom ostensibly about... well, the title says it all.

Only thing is, it's not about teachers at all. It's about dysfunctional people, largely filled with loathing for their jobs and for themselves, who are primarily ruled by their genitalia and their thirst for alcohol.

An execrable show, and an absolute waste of scheduling time and bandwidth. There's still a great sitcom that could be made about teachers, a modern sitcom that captures the verisimilitude of Room 222 (which was pretty savvy for its time) while conveying the "us against the world" sense of cameraderie that keeps most teachers going in the face of seemingly-insurmountable odds. It would take a teacher to write that show, though, and not a jaded sitcom hack who thinks that teachers sharing a beer in the classroom is somehow funny.

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