Sunday, January 22, 2006

Time Keeps On Slipping...

A very good friend, Robin Fletcher, just dropped me an e-mail to let me know that the engagement of a former student, Brad Johnson, is mentioned in today's Marietta Daily Journal. Brad and his twin brother Beau are two of the small handful of students I remember most vividly from my many years of teaching; although different in their intellectual approaches and attitudes, they were both among the most analytical, introspective, creative, and gifted people I have ever known. I enjoyed many a conversation with both of them, both during their years as students and afterwards. I still hear from Beau every now and then, but haven't seen Brad in a while; it was good to see that his life is progressing well and he's finding the happiness he deserves. Robin commented--as have many others--that Brad and Beau seemed like they could have been my sons, we had so very much in common. I've always taken that as a compliment!

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