Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cellular Abnormalities

Today Stephen King's Cell went on sale... unless you're a customer of any one of several Kroger's grocery store locations in this area , where the book went on sale two weeks ago. Jared Miller, one of the guys who works with me at the store, was the first to notice this street date violation; I went to another Kroger a day or two later and verified that they too had the book for sale (although they did pull it after a few days, probably because someone pointed out to them it wasn't supposed to be on sale yet). Didn't buy it then, since I already had it on order through Dr. No's, so I haven't read it yet; it sounds promising, though, and I hope to get to it Very Soon Now. I'm eager to see if King will see this book through without rushing the ending (which has been the problem with most of his recent works); when he's on his game, he's one of the best storytellers writing today, but when he's off his game... well, he's still one of the best storytellers writing today...

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