Monday, January 16, 2006

The Bauer Power Double Hour

24 kicked off with a double episode tonight, and I was hooked in less than ten minutes. Unlike many series that are afraid to tamper with the status quo, 24 shook everything up right out of the gate. Oh, I can tell that there are going to be things that irritate me here and there--the son of the woman who had befriended Jack is going to become this season's major albatross, I fear--but I'm along for the ride on this one!

It's funny... I really enjoyed the 24-hour structure of the show, but I thought the first season was hampered by too much repetition and needless wheel-spinning. Season 2 should have been tailor-made for me--the plot was actually similar to one I had roughed out for a never-written novel--but it failed to deliver. Season 3 was so weak that I lost interest and virtually wrote the series off. I watched the first episode of season 4, though, and was hooked--and in spite of a weaker-than-hoped-for finale, that season was still outstanding. So I'm going into this with high hopes... and a real optimism that they're going to deliver!

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