Saturday, January 21, 2006

"The Molar, the Merrier"

About that trip to see Doc Sturn: just to play it safe, he made not one but two molds of the tooth that needed the permanent crown. That meant two mouth-loads of that ooky purple stuff with its plastic-and-chemical taste... you know, the stuff that hardens into a quasi-superglue so strong that you begin to wonder if the dentist will ever manage to get your teeth unclenched. He was confident that the bubble that had marred the original impression was not present in the new castings, so I should have a permanent crown cemented into place in about a week and a half. That'll mean that I get the permanent crown in just about a month before I go back to Doc Sturn for my next six-month checkup, where he'll inevitably find something dentally awry...

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