Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crisis Contemplations

While I have nothing but kudos for DC's superlative Infinite Crisis series, I do have to point out one area where DC has fumbled the ball: tie-ins. While a number of books have carried Infinite Crisis Tie-In banners on the cover, the tie-in ID's have been handled in a haphazard manner. Some books that have carried the banners seem only marginally connected to the story, while others--such as the current JLA storyline or the final issue of The Flash--carry no tie-in banner at all, but have such an integral link to the storyline as a whole that they should be read by every Crisis fan. I know that DC is still a bit gun-shy about over-hyping tie-ins after the problems with Crisis on Infinite Earths two decades earlier (some books that were hyped as tie-ins contained only a panel or to of oblique reference to the core series), but by letting crucial books slip past the readers sans tie-in banner, they're selling themselves short and leaving some readers out of all the fun!

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