Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Forgot

Hey, Steve Martin said it was a great excuse...

Okay, I didn't really forget. But I did get busy sorting through books and dumping stuff that I didn't want any longer (you'll remember that I talked about this a couple of weeks ago, so you had warning!...), and that ate up a lot of spare time. Then I got busy re-reading some of my favorite Marvel books from the 1960s in the Omnibus volumes that I brought home from my office at the store (hey, I didn't say that I wouldn't fill in some of those bookshelf holes with other stuff!), and enjoying not only the stories but also the wonderful letters columns that created that sense of fannish community that I so enjoyed at the time. Next thing you know, a week has passed and I haven't been to the ol' blog once!

I'm back now. I think I'll be around for a few days. If I turn out to be wrong, just remember: no purchase, no refund!

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