Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part 47

This week's calorie-laden guilty pleasure: chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies from Kroger. These are the mass-market version of the chocolate-oatmeal-drop cookies that Mom used to make that I loved so very much (Susan has subsequently tracked down the recipe and has made 'em for me a time or two, for which I am exceedingly grateful). The cookies are akin to a fudge with uncooked oatmeal stirred in to give it body and texture; they're heavy, very dense, and very chocolate-laden... the peanut butter is barely noticeable, in fact, and I'd gladly forego it for a darker cocoa flavor if I had the choice. They have 180 calories per cookie, so I limit myself to one per day... but believe me, if I were going to splurge, I can think of few things I'd be more willing to splurge on than these (okay, a coconut cake... but after that...).

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