Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here We Are, As In Olden Days...

Christmas was bittersweet this year; we all missed Dad terribly, as I knew we would, but everyone seemed to find happiness in the season. We went to Rome to spend Christmas morning with Kimberly, Cole, Christy, Oliver, Jessica, and Adam; too many presents were opened, there was laughter, and there were memories of bygone Christmases both at Kim's and at Mom & Dad's.

Susan and I spent the afternoon at home, exchanging our own gifts and having our traditional Christmas Day pizza. Something about knowing you can't buy a pizza from a restaurant makes you want it all the more; in preparation, we had bought a take-and-bake pizza at Sam's, to which we added some extras (diced jalapenos, turkey pepperoni, olives). It turned out quite well--probably all the better because it was the only pizza we could have that day!

Christmas brought me lots of DVD's, even more dark chocolate, some shirts, a nifty retro-style phone for our second line (it looks like an old-style phone, but it's cordless--I missed the heft of an old-style handset, and the convenient shape that cradled so well between ear and shoulder), and much more. I'm still finding a place for it all... I'm almost to that point where I have to get rid of at least one thing for every item I add!

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