Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Last night was the night when all the Dr. No's gang gathers to exchange gifts and celebrate--and it was such a delight-filled night that I found myself truly celebrating for a few hours. I've mentioned before how difficult this Christmas has been for me (and still is), but everyone helped me overcome the unseasonal solemnity.

Great gifts came my way--a photo-displaying Christmas ornament, a Ross MacDonald collection I didn't know about, a Beatles book, and way too much wonderful stuff to eat (including Chris and Markay's acclaimed meringue cookies, a holiday favorite; an assortment of delicious Christmas treats from Jared; a savory pumpkin cheesecake from Brett 'n' Allyson; a stunning treat-filled holiday bowl from Whitney that included an assortment of cookies, all prepared with her enviable culinary skill; and several different dark chocolate goodies from friends who know my candy-desirous tastes). The fun, of course, was in the giving; while I wasn't able to find the perfect gift for every person, there were a few I was pleased with, and the recipients seemed to like them as much as I had hoped.

As always, dinner afterwards was the highlight of the week; these people are far more than just friends, so it's always a treat to spend a few hours in conversation alternatingly light and serious, philosophical and silly. It's hard to believe we've been doing this every week for almost twenty years now!...

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