Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In the No

I don't think I mentioned here that we've shifted the format of the Dr. No's website to a blog-based system. Buck found a way to maintain our store header and sidebar links while embedding the blog itself in the website; if you'd rather see just the raw blog, you can go here, but there's nothing more to be seen than you'll see at the site.

If parts of it seem familiar, there's a reason why: I've cross-posted a couple of things there and here. I'll continue to do that if I think there are some pieces that'll have a more general appeal. However, we're going to use the blog approach for the store indefinitely; readers are already commenting about how much more engaging and appealing it is than the older approach.

The real problem with the older approach is that we simply weren't very good at it. The old site had the visual appeal of a ransom note, and information wasn't always updated because it was so difficult to do so. This new approach should make it very easy for us to add new postings to the store site as we get the urge.

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