Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All Road Lead to...

I'm on my way to Rome again tomorrow to help Dad; I've pretty much settled on a once-a-week schedule for now, although that might have to be escalated to twice a week at some point. Dad seems much happier now that I'm helping him to balance his checkbook, pay his bills, etc.; he seemed to find the mathematical side of things frustrating. I'm accustomed to doing this sort of thing for the store, so I'm glad to do this for Dad as well.

I think that Dad has really missed regular company. When Mom was alive and well, there were visitors coming to the house several days a week; now, though, Dad is alone far more than I think he wants to be, and I suspect he is starved for interaction and social contact. His best friend, Roy, had a stroke a year or so ago and is now living with his oldest son miles away from Rome; ever since Roy moved, Dad has been pretty much a loner.

I doubt that we'll do anything major while I'm there; our usual days consiste of a couple of trips to area stores, sorting through things at Dad's house, doing a little cleaning, and grabbing a bit of lunch. I don't generally eat lunch, but it's Dad's big meal of the day, so I go with him and pick at something light while he's eating.

I wish that Dad lived closer, so that I could see him more frequently. Getting him to come to Marietta is pretty much impossible; I know he won't say so, but I can tell that Dad doesn't feel comfortable making longer drives in unfamiliar areas. It's just as well, I guess; I'm not that comfortable with the idea of Dad driving down here, either.

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