Saturday, March 24, 2007


Anna has developed a bad habit of chewing on cables.

She has always had an affinity for chewing on plastic, which means that we have to put away grocery bags, ziploc bags, etc. Recently, though, I've found three coaxial cables that have been chewed down to the metal wiring.

I'm concerned, of course; sooner or later, if I can't break her of this awful habit, she's going to bite into a power cord and do major harm to herself. I'm at a loss over this, though; there are too many wires in our house, and there's simply no way to hide them all. Right now, I'm putting a little bit of Ben-Gay on the wires she's most likely to bite (I try to get on the floor and look at things from her angle to determine what looks the most appealing), and I'm covering some of the wiring in split flex-tubing, which doesn't seem to appeal to her plastic appetite.

If anyone has better suggestions, I'm open to new ideas!

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