Friday, March 30, 2007

Ollie's Well That Ends Well

That li'l guy over there is Oliver Dean Pearson, the new son of my nephew Cole and his wife Christy. His mom and dad got to go home with the little guy today, and all seems to be going quite well. I'm very proud of both of them for what they have done to put together a wonderful home and the beginnings of a memorable life for the newest member of our family.

Like so many parents, the both of them have had to grow up very quickly; it was just about sixteen months ago that they got married, going through the trials that all of us who are married went through in those first months as we struggled to balance budgets, plan for a future, and enjoy newly married life. Seven months later, they discover that their family is about to grow by one, and they absolutely blossomed. Cole, who has always been intelligent, insightful, sensitive, considerate, and creative, embraced his role as a father-to-be, while Christy seemed to relish the idea of motherhood. She and Cole bought their own house, transformed it into a loving home for Ollie to call his own, and then built a long-range plan to ensure happiness and security for their family. They accomplished all this under the most unyielding of schedules--but accomplish it they did!

I suspect you're going to hear more about Ollie in posts to come. To paraphrase Mr. Geisel: oh, the things he'll see, the things he'll do, the experiences he's going to have! And oh, what a family to be born into... all children should be so lucky...

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